Bill Pay App

Discover Bank

Millions use online bill payment services monthly. That number is growing rapidly, and it’s important for Discover Bank to keep their existing, increasingly tech-savvy customers while attracting the maturing Generation Y.

There is a wealth of research showing that customers who use online banking and bill payment are more loyal, and more likely to use other online services, making them more profitable. Fusebox worked closely with Discover Bank to develop their online bill payment strategy, including UX design, front-end engineering, and integration.

By focusing on the needs of Discover Bank’s loyal customers, Fusebox developed an effective, easy-to-use bill pay solution for both web and mobile platforms.


Discover Financial Services has partnered with Fusebox on a wide range of digital initiatives.

We collaborate closely with each of their key business units—including Discover Bank, Discover Student Loans, and Discover Home Loans and their partners—on strategic planning, creative projects, and technology implementations. We apply effective project management principles—working as an extension of the Discover team—to create short- and long-term project road maps.

Together, we have developed a number of valuable initiatives and powerful service offerings that continue to provide significant return on investment. Site design, mobile, email management and deployment integration, online marketing campaigns, applications, and our Interest Rate and Disclosure Manager, an SaaS which allows consumer banks to manage the interest rates and disclosures of various products with a single live service.

We take a 360-degree approach to everything we do. It's the way we like to work—and the way we work best.