How do you form a positive connection between client and customer? We believe that creating an engaging end-to-end User Experience is key. The Fusebox team’s user-centered approach puts emerging trends in context with current, relevant data gleaned from a variety of sources—providing a solid, client-focused foundation for each collaboration. The result? Compelling, creative solutions, backed by innovative technology.

  • Mobile & Emerging Platforms

    Fusebox offers significant expertise in the development of mobile applications, and mobile websites and kiosks. We put the needs of your users first to create experiences that engage and inform—and make you stand out in a crowded marketplace.

  • Responsive Design

    The web is no longer just the sole domain of desktop and laptop computers. People are viewing sites on a variety of screens from mobile devices to large web-enabled TV’s. We develop responsive sites using a mobile-first strategy as well as optimizing existing sites to display in today’s multi-screen world.

  • Managed Applications and Hosting

    Whether it’s the scalability we can offer via cloud hosting in one of our cloud partners such as Azure or Amazon AWS or whether it’s the security knowing your data is co-located in one of our SAS 70 Type II providers, Fusebox can deploy and manage your application with the SLA you need.

  • Competitor Analysis

    Fusebox’s insightful and extensive grasp of the competitive landscape—across a wide range of industries—provides us with a solid foundation to develop the sustainable marketplace solutions our clients want and need.

  • User Research

    Fusebox coordinates and conducts user interviews, usability studies, and focus groups that help companies get to know their users better: who they are, what they want, and the products, services, features, and functions they desire.

  • Planning

    Solid planning balances a long-term vision with short-term phased launches—all with an eye to strategic business objectives. At Fusebox, workshops, conceptual prototypes, and roadmaps are just a few of the tools we use to help you realize goals.

  • Market Research

    Your competitive advantage starts with in-depth market research—and at Fusebox, we’re committed to delivering the information you need. We identify key factors like market need, size, and competition to help you make more informed business decisions.

  • Organizational Consulting

    In today’s rapidly changing business environment, organizational consulting is the “X-factor” in many successful enterprises. Fusebox helps clients understand their internal challenges—and how they can evolve to stay competitive in today’s marketplace.

  • Visual Design

    Our designers create thoughtful and innovative design, hand-in-hand with our User Experience team. They excel in concept development, template design, style guides, illustration, animation and typography, for websites, mobile apps, touch screen interfaces—and much more.

  • Interaction Design

    Our User Experience team leverages a wide range of tools—User Scenarios, Task Analyses, Interaction Models, Information Architecture, Wireframes, Behavioral Documentation and Prototypes—to develop optimal experiences for users and businesses.

  • Branding and Identity Systems

    Developing a brand that resonates across the diverse range of channels available to consumers today demands a clear, compelling strategy. Fusebox works with new and established brands to build strong, iconic identities that stand out from the crowd.

  • Content Strategy

    We create content inventories, content hierarchies and taxonomy, editorial calendars, content decks, content licensing, production workflows, migration strategies and more—all to ensure our clients the right thing, in the right place, at the right time.

  • Content Development

    A positive user experience depends on solidly produced content. Photo and video shoots, image research, graphic production, and copywriting are just a few of the ways we help clients develop on-brand experiences—and build trust and loyalty that lasts.

  • Systems Integration

    Fusebox has extensive experience in large-scale initiatives, including the seamless integration of web solutions with third-party products/applications. Service-oriented architectures, cloud service, and messaging/queuing systems are just the beginning.

  • Software Architecture

    Fusebox delivers technical solutions that bring designed experiences to life. We focus on the fundamental issues surrounding large-scale consumer and business initiatives, all with the goal of making your vision a reality.

  • Content Management Systems

    No CMS initiative is too complex or large in scale for Fusebox’s team of crack developers, from seamless integration with Interwoven, to highly functional websites built on open-source solutions, including Drupal and WordPress.

  • Server-Side Development

    Fusebox specializes in scalable solutions in PHP, Ruby, and .NET environments. We know that rapid development requires a focus on PHP and Ruby on Rails. Agile methodologies and a test-driven development approach ensure that we produce only high-quality software.

  • Client Side Development

    We have extensive experience and expertise in X-HTML, HTML5, Javascript, Flash, Flash 3D, Flex and AJAX. We create clean, smart code for our clients that’s cross-browser compatible, quick to load, and easy to maintain.

  • Quality Assurance and Deployment

    Fusebox’s QA team works throughout the development process to create stable, bug-free software that meets business requirements. Our load testing, security audits, user acceptance testing, and IT deployment support smooth out the wrinkles—from start to finish.

  • Interactive Advertising

    Fusebox interactive advertising campaigns push the envelope—and demand a response. We work with online marketers, agencies and media companies to deploy innovative rich media advertising, video interstitials, and integrated sponsorships.

  • Social Media

    Your brand is only as good as what people say about you—which is why “Likes”, recommendations, and reviews are the marketing messages that matter most now. Fusebox develops platforms and strategies for clients that put a premium on social engagement.

  • Email and CRM

    To ensure the right messages reach the right inboxes, Fusebox offers our clients user profile development, personalization, campaign management, and targeted email marketing campaigns with built-in social components.

  • Search

    Fusebox takes a top-to-bottom approach to boosting organic search traffic. We employ SEO design principles, search-friendly technology, compliance, accessibility standards and content strategy to design websites that search engines love.

  • Measurement

    We believe every online initiative can be measured—which is why we’re continually measuring results, and improving campaigns to optimize performance. Our agile test and target strategy ensures your marketing ROI is always our first priority.